WB studio tour med Warwick Davis

BBC'S the one show tar oss med på en liten rundtur i WB Studio tour: The making of Harry Potter. Det är en liten special tur tillsammans med Warwick Davis, skådespelaren som hade rollen som Professor Flitwick och Griphook.

I videon här nedan tar Warwick med oss på en rundtur i studion och vi får bland annat se Dumbledores kontor, stora salen, trolldrycksklassrummet, diagongränden och massa annat. Under turen så får Warwick lov att prata lite med designern Stuart Craig som bland annat har designat inspelningsplatserna av Harry Potter filmerna.

Warwick Davis: Working on the Harry Potter films really allowed me to indulge my inner geek. In between filming, I’d spend hours exploring the special effects workshops and the incredible sets. Sets such as: Professor Dumbledore’s office, Hagrid’s hut, Snape’s potion classroom and, of course, Hogwarts Great Hall. All of this was created by a dedicated team of British designers and craftspeople who spent a decade bringing the fantastical world of Harry Potter to life. And it was production designer Stuart Craig who created all these amazing locations that me and my fellow actors got to work in.

Stuart Craig:
 There’s some great skill in the sets, great craft skills. In the 10-year span of these movies, obviously digital computer skills became more and more important as we went on, but also old, craft skills, and traditions were kept alive.

 What set or design are you most proud of here?

 Dumbledore’s office. I like the three little towers, hanging one off the other. I like the fact that it is bordering on complete fantasy, architecturally almost defying gravity and is impossible. But also, the props in it. The books – they’re actually yellow pages, a lot of them, just given a fake vellum cover. So I like those little tricks.

 Now one of the things when you walk in [the Great Hall set] is this beautiful stone floor that you have. Tell us about that.

 This is a real Yorkstone floor. It served the films for 10 years. It’s going to serve this studio tour for, hopefully, another several years.


Åh, tyckte faktiskt bättre om den andra headern :(

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Postat av: Chriis

Men kommer man kunna besöka det stället var dom spela in det ? :)eller ville dom bara visa? :)

2012-03-08 @ 12:28:03 / URL: http://chriisgiirl.blogg.se/

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